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Five slices. Five boros. One day.

Hungry for a challenge that you’ll only find in New York City? It’s competitive eating meets The Amazing Race; the ultimate test of your subway savvy and gastrointestinal fortitude. And all for a great cause.

What started as an annual adventure between two slice-loving friends has grown into a much buzzed-about New York City tradition. Now in its third year, the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge brings together the world’s most die-hard pizza and urban enthusiasts for a challenge like no other.

Here’s how it works: on Saturday, September 22nd teams gather by the Red Cube (140 Broadway in lower Manhattan). At 11:00 a.m. sharp, we’ll hand each team or individual a list of five pizzerias, one in each borough, and the challenge will begin! Each team plots its course, travels to each pizzeria, consumes a slice at each, and documents the feat on Instagram using the official event hashtag (#5boropizzachallenge).

Teams return to the finish line and after-party (Amity Hall in Greenwich Village), and once their photo proof is verified, they’ll be declared a 5 Boro Pizza Challenge Champion. All competitors receive a t-shirt; those who successfully complete the Challenge receive the coveted 5 Boro Pizza Challenge finisher medal.

The first team or individual to complete the challenge will be earn the title of 5 Boro Pizza Challenge 2018 Champion — a distinction comes with serious bragging rights, local media exposure, and other cool prizes.

The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge is a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, New York City’s leading advocate for walking, biking and public transportation, so participants are not permitted to use cars, taxis, or e-hail/ride-share services like Uber, Lyft or Via. That means you’re limited to the various modes of transport that set New York apart from most US cities: subways, buses, ferries, bike share, and your own two feet.

Registration includes official entry into the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge, as well as a t-shirt and finisher’s medal. Participants cover the cost of pizza and transportation.

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I want to take the Challenge! When will the next 5 Boro Pizza Challenge take place?

The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Registration is now open.

How do I prove that I ate a slice in all five boros?

Take a photo that provides sufficient evidence that you ate a slice from each of the pizzerias on the official 5 Boro Pizza Challenge list and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #5boropizzachallenge. Here are the photos from last year’s challenge.

How do I register as a team?

Each team member must complete an individual registration, but may indicate their team name.

What’s included in the cost of registration?

Registration includes official entry into the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge, as well as a t-shirt and finisher’s medal (for those who register by September 13th). You cover the cost of pizza and transportation. All participants can compete for the title of 2018 5 Boro Pizza Challenge Champion, which includes serious bragging rights as well as other cool prizes.

Is my registration/ticket transferable?

You may transfer your registration to another person, but you must notify the event organizer before the day of the event. Sorry, no refunds.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

This is a family-friendly event. All are welcome to join.

What’s the back-story behind the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge?

Here’s how it started: In 2013 two hungry friends decided it would be fun to visit all five boros in one day and eat a slice of pizza in each. And they were going to do it by subway, bike, ferry, and bus — no cars allowed. It started as an adventurous way to spend an afternoon, but a delicious tradition was born. In 2016, the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge was opened to the pizza-loving public as a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives. Roughly 75 people took the Challenge in its inaugural year, and many were begging for seconds. The number of participants doubled to more than 150 in 2017.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


Do I have to train for the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge? 

Training for the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge is an absolute necessity and should commence immediately. As with any workout regiment, it doesn’t count unless you document it on Instagram with #PizzaChallengeTraining.

Do I have to eat the crust?

That’s totally up to you, but we reserve the right to judge you if you don’t.