Calling all pizza enthusiasts: here’s a challenge you’ll only find in New York City. It’s competitive eating meets The Amazing Race. It’s a test of your subway savvy, your gastrointestinal fortitude, and your Instagram filter prowess. And all for a great cause.

Here’s how it works: on the day of the Challenge, we’ll gather under the arch in Washington Square Park. Check in opens at 10 a.m. Everyone will receive a 5 Boro Pizza Challenge t-shirt. At 11:00 sharp, everyone will receive a list of the appointed five pizzerias. You’ll plot your course, go to each pizzeria in any order you prefer, eat a slice, and document it on Instagram using the official hashtag, #5boropizzachallenge.

After you’ve hit all five boros, you’ll return to the after-party location (to be announced) in Greenwich Village. There, having traversed the city for the love of pizza, you will be declared 5 Boro Pizza Challenge Champion. All finishers will receive a 5 Boro Pizza Challenge Champion medal.

The first person or team to complete the challenge will be named the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge Ultimate Champion, which includes serious bragging rights as well as other prizes from Scott’s Pizza Tours, Giftzza, the NYC Cupcake Run, and more.

The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge is a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, NYC’s leading advocate for walking, biking and public transportation, so no car travel allowed (including taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.). You’ll have to get around the way most New Yorkers do — subway, bus, ferry, bike, and of course, your own two feet.

Registration includes entry into the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge, as well as a t-shirt and finisher’s medal. You cover the cost of pizza and transportation.

The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge will be back in 2018! Join our mailing list to receive details about the 2018 event when they become available >>